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BCA EPSS Solutions - BAS System

BCA EPSS Solutions – Changing Your Way of Construction Site Manpower Management More Effective and Easier. BCA EPSS Solutions can integrate with variety of biometrics devices such as fingerprint, face recognition, handpunch and proximity card devices. Manpower data from these devices is then processed using our latest BCA EPSS Solutions which able to calculate the working hours details like lateness, overtime and so on. Optionally, also can link with our Payroll Singapore to generate the pay for each worker or constructor. If devices are controlled using Access Control System, this can also ensured the safety and security within the construction site to prevent unauthorized, illegal workers enter into the site.

Building and Construction Authority (BCA) defined Project productivity at construction site as the amount of square meter of floor area completed per manday. In order to calculate the project productivity, BCA collects productivity data of building projects on a monthly basis using the Electronic Productivity Submission System (ePSS).

Why Biometric Authentication System EPSS?

The Solution is required to help construction’s builders/ contractors/ subcontractors to improve their productivity through better management and monitoring of manpower usage.

The builders will monitor the manpower usage in their projects and submit the manpower usage data to BCA through the ePSS. BCA assists builders with monthly productivity data collection with the ePSS. The system can be assessed at http://www.bca.gov.sg/epss. From the data collected, the industry average project productivity for different building categories will be calculated.

Builders are required to install and operate BAS within their project worksites if there is a Gross Floor Area (GFA) of 5,000 m2 or more, and the building works are submitted for planning permission from 1 Nov 2014 onwards. This is a new requirement mandated under Regulation 10(a) of the Building Control.

(Buildability and Productivity) Regulations 2011. The industry average project productivity can be used to assess a project’s productivity performance and the builder can set improvement targets for future projects.



The CLOUD BAS EPSS Solution is designed for construction site to manage workers’ daily man hour’s data via internet. By using our BAS EPSS Solution, system will help construction user manage daily workers’ entry validity via biometric face/fingerprint/hand verification accurately and auto calculated on-site manpower data such as man hours, man day based on the required working schedules built in the system.
The report generated by biometric system is able to upload into the ePSS easily. With our BAS EPSS Solution, we help project team skip manually enter manpower information into the ePSS.

Key Benefits

  • Efficient data collection process on Cloud BAS
  • Reduced manpower effort in manual data record, identifying and monitoring
  • Prevent unauthorized, illegal workers enter the site
  • Easy to search and retrieve manpower data for productivity analysis
  • Interface with clients’ 3rd party software (e.g.: payroll, TMS, SAP, ERP)


Biometric Authentication terminal

  • Use Face recognition, fingerprint or hand punch to verify workers’ identity.
  • 3D Face Recognition: 3,000 (1:N); 6000 (1:1) template
  • Fingerprint: 8,000 template
  • Hand punch: up to 32, 512 template

Access Control

  • Integrate with half height or full height turnstile and able to achieve a maximum clearance time of 1 minutes for every 10 person.
  • Built-in 3G Module
  • Support GSM 3G SIM card for device transmit data independently

Preventive Measure Plan

  • All biometric device is equipped with backup battery to ensure authentication process is not affected during power shortage.
  • All biometric device consist built-in CMOS battery and large memory size to preserve internal memory and setting.


BCA BAS ePSS Compliance

  • Meet regulation of builders mandated by the Building Construction Authority (BCA)

Cloud BAS Data and Service

  • User manage employees’ profile, data on cloud internet without needed to manage software application, housekeeping and technical issue.

Cloud Auto Data Management

  • Online Synchronize enrolled biometric template to multiple readers Live tracking workers’ check in and check out time Auto push clocking data to Cloud BAS

Daily Attendance

  • Provide manage daily manpower data according to the trade groups and types of trades

Work permit expiries alert

  • Trigger alert to notify user via email control

Interface with 3rd party software

  •  Customize to link with client in-house payroll software, SAP or ERP System

Register workers’ Core trade license

  • Allow user to records multiple core trade license for an individual.

Email Control

  • Receive workers’ daily attendance through email.

Data Security

  • System provide a user control to protected against unauthorised editing of manpower tracking data.

Report Generator

  • Report export format (excel, pdf, word format)


  • Daily Manpower Summary
  • Daily Attendance
  • Individual Attendance
  • Monthly Manpower Timesheet
  • Monthly Manpower Usage (ePSS Submission)


  • Attendance
  • Movement
  • Daily Attendance
  • Individual Attendance
  • Weekly Attendance
  • Working Hours Summary
  • Hourly Rate Summary
  • Performance Summary

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