Model: F710 Facial Access Control and Time Attendance

Access Control and Time & Attendance Control terminal with 3D biometric face recognition integrated. Emission and capture of infrared light and the two camera allows to obtain cranial physiognomy of persons as unique biometric pattern. The terminal is able to capture and differentiate even there are twins employee, with the identical appearance. This infrared technology and 3D must avoids using masks, photos, and others. to avoid forge faces, standing out of 2D facial biometrics technology.

Terminal working 

Face recognition 1:N:

  • User stands in front of the terminal around 0.5 meter aprox, away from it
  • While terminal detects the person, infrared sensor will send a message of “Thank You" to the user.
  • Immediately the infrared emision and capture is activated to capture up to 60 characteristic points of cranial physiognomy of person. These point emits a fast and accuracy of 1:N identification.
  • If user is registerd, the terminal will give information to access and keep the event
  • Terminal will show a message of graphical color screen and sends a voice message to user

Facial recognition 1:1 with card or keyboard code: 

  • User can register with card or facial recognition.
  • Places the card on RFID reader first or introduces the code, and when facial recognition is done.

Only card recognition:

  • User are able to choose card recognition method.
  • In this case, user will places the card on RFID reader of the terminal and confirms the access.

Offline mode system (connected to TCP/IP network) or standalone (connected only to supply):

  • Even when Off-line mode users’ can upgrade and events collect are done through TCP/IP connection.
  • With standalone mode, data can be upgrade through USB PENDRIVE


Fast and accurate Identification: 

  • Facial recognition algorithm with a FAR: < 0.0001% 1:N Identification, up to 1000 users in a second.

High usability and security:

  • Unlike fingerprint or hand biometric technologies this terminal works either with finger or hand condition, which are higher posibility of damaged most of the times due to the person activity. This 3D facial biometric technology works even other can’t do. You can also use it with gloves.
  • FER: < 0.0001%

Large users and log capacity: 

  • Users capacity: 1000
  • Capacity over 150,000 logs

Reliable working in several environments:

  • Different source-light Technology
  • The system can work with different light condition even in a very dark environment
  • Over 16 months released in the market

Flexibles I/O Interfaces: 

  • Internet Protocol based enables LAN or Network deployment
  • USB Host for User data upload or download via USB flash driver

Friendly design:

  • 3.5 inch color screen for face positioning purpose
  • Contactless authentication for the ultimate in hygienic
  • Voice prompt

Other functionalities: 

  • Different methods of authentication: Facial biometrics, user PIN number, RIFD card, and all combination together.
  • Low power consumption,12Watts in operation, less than 5Watts in resting mode.

Contactless: completely hygienic and applicable 

Access Control terminals can be used by many users, so it depends on the environment can present hygienically problems. 3D facial recognition FaceID is a contactless terminal, so its an anti germs transmission. It is suitable for environments with a high sensibility to this problem, like in hospitals which is high number of person’s environmentals. Other than that, such as:

  • Schools, high schools, universities
  • Massive manufacturing companies
  • Hospitals, clinics and heath centres

Users which work with hands or manipulate corrosive or oily substances in places such as in factories, construction, chemical industry, cleaning workers, restaurants and hotels, food and agricultural industry and others won’t show typical fingerprint or hand identification problems. It is also suitable for environment which workers are wearing gloves to work, such chemist industries, hospitals or labs.


Processor TI DM CPU 600MHz
User Capacity 500 Users 1:N Matching, 30,000 Users 1:1 Matching
Record Capacity 150,000 Records
Recognition Algorithm Dual Sensor ™ V3.0
Sensor Specialized dual sensor
Card Recognition Standard EM, Optional Mifare
Authentication Method Face, ID+Face,Card+Face,Card,Card+Photo
Authentication Speed Less than 1 second (500 Users) on 1:N Matching
Communication Method Standard TCP/IP USB Host
Attendance Feature Wordcode, Daylight saving
Date Management User-inquiry, Auto-uploading
Security Image Capacity 2 GB SD Card, 70,000 Images
Security Alarm Tamper Alarm
Access Control feature Built-in relay
Wiegand in & out User-defined format output 26/34
Keyboard 4 x 4 Touch Keypad
LCD 3.5 inch TFT Color Secreen, 65,000 Bright Color 320 x 240 Resolution
Power 12V DC