Mobile App Attendance

Mobile App Attendance

Mobile and cloud-based solution for attendance

Mobile App Attendance

Mobile app is a cloud-based attendance system. It is a low cost, easy-to-use solution to manage roster / shift effectively. No need costly investment for any time clock. Simply install the app in mobile for employee to record attendance on 24/7 basis. Attendance is captured base on face recognition, this avoid buddy punching which is an extremely frustrating issue for company. Attendance record is real time transfer, easy for tracking and checking.


  • No more buddy punching

Employee can not ask their colleague help to scan. Clockgogo offers employer 4-level attendance identification : mobile number, GPS, face recognition, works spot.  

  • Real GPS

Clockgogo does not rely on GPS alone to identify where an employee is. Employee can only scan attendance within 10m distance from a registered workspot.  

  • Real-time tracking

Attendance is immediately transmit.  

  • On site work tracking

Company can track employee attendance when they carry out on site job.  

  • No more queue in front of time clock

Employee do not need to queue one by one to scan attendance in front of time clock. Clockgogo work spot allows hundreds of employee to scan attendance simultaneously.  

  • Low cost installation

No cabling job is required for installing work spot. Just simply place it at your company and your employee can only punch attendance within 10m from work spot.  

  • Simple registration

Employee is not required to register their personal information, face in every work spot. They can start punching immediately when they are within 10m from work spot.  

  • Job Management

Employee job can be assigned over the cloud. Employee receive job and update job status through Clockgogo. Customer signature, rating, comment capture through mobile. Job scheduling, job complete email is sent to customer automatically.  

  • Document upload as proof

Employee can upload document for company approval or record.


Employee Time Sheet Report

Mobile App Attendance

Raw Time Card Report

Mobile App Attendance

Job Report

Mobile App Attendance