MyKad Reader

MyKad Reader

Will save energy, time and paper work

MyKad Reader

MyKad Reader is a device which can be integrated with Visitor Management System or other system to read information stored in MyKad. MyKad is an identity card which every single citizen of Malaysia must have. The information stored in MyKad including name, identity card number, address and so on.

Everyday there are lot of people visit your company include supplier, customer, or interviewee. The guard will manually record down their identity in entry record book for safety purpose. Daily Entry record is so troublesome because wasting paper and spending of too much time. By using MyKad Reader, you will save energy, time and paper work to record down the visitor information.


  1. Our MyKad reader model is SCR21U IRIS Corporation Berhad (IRIS) and CALMS Technologies Sdn Bhd are offering MyKad Integrator System that allows customer to integrate the MyKad reading features to their existing system within seamless integration.
  2. MyKad Integrator Software We have standard integrator software to work together with MyKad reader. By inserting my card into MyKad reader, MyKad reader could read and record down the information of identity such as name, gentle, address, photo of my card holder and other information into MyKad Integrator Software.
  3. Standard Memory storage up to 530 employees There is upgradeable employee number to store into MyKad Integrator Software.
  4. User Friendly, Plug and Play concept The MyKad reader could plug and play by using USB port. Therefore, it is user friendly and provided integrated software.

Advantages and benefit of MyKad system

1. Increase productivity and efficiency.

Reduce paper work and worker to monitor visitor in the guard house. It is easier and simple to using it.

2. Able to integrate the MyKad system with other system The basic information such as name, gender, address and others used in interview section. By printing this information directly from system, it is save time and let the interview section run smoothly. MyKad system could integrate with badge card program. By storing the basic information into MyKad system, the badge card printing procedure easier and save time.

3. Eliminate the loss or misplace of visitor’s Driving License. 4. Pioneer in supporting government initiative using MyKad. 5. Fast and easy deployment. 6. Reduce crime rate. 7. Verify visitor with MyKad from Screen for authenticity.

Below is the interface of MyKad System:

MyKad Reader

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