Job Costing Solutions

Job Costing Solutions

Able to compute the total hours and cost spent

Job Costing Solutions

Job Costing Solution is a solution where it captures the time duration for each and every Job by an individual employees and it able to compute the total hours and cost spent for every employee and project. With the integration of Time Management System, it able to keep track every attendance of staff based of project or job. Works with biometrics devices such as face recognition and fingerprint devices to perfectly captures every single clockings and attendance. It is highly helpful to companies which have running by project basis and upon the end of the project completion our system are able to display the reports for total MAN HOUR SPENT for this project and TOTAL COST SPENT for this project.


Flexible Job Numbering Up to seven characters may be used to designate a job. Large jobs may be broken into “subjobs.”
Job Transaction Detail Report Transaction detail is provided for all postings for each job. The detail information may be retained for the day of the job or summarized on a monthly basis.
Audit Trail Track records that the users have amended
Manpower Usage Report Monthly Man Hour Report & Monthly Wages Report.
Individual Attendance by Project Captures the actual time spent on every job by each employees


No Job or Project planning required System will base on employees’ actual job or project worked to reflect in system
Save time on the manual works and miscommunication As everything will be auto generated by the system, it save you a lot of time from these
An accuracy control over large jobs or projects Master and sub-job structures for more accurate control over large jobs or projects
System auto compute actual worked hours by Job or Project System will auto compute the total work hours by Job or Project when they clocked at different machine
Supports to link with 3rd party Our Job Cost module is able to link with 3rd party payroll software

Job Cost Management System Architecture

Job Costing Solutions

Our Job cost system is built-up with 3 level architecture. i.e.  An organization may have many Projects and One single Project could have some categories or job group and each sub-group can be divided into small job group.

Job Costing Solutions
Job Costing Solutions

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