Scheduling and Deployment System

Scheduling and Deployment System

A Great Scheduling & Monitoring Tool

Scheduling and Deployment System

Schedulling and Deploymeny System is integrated with Time and Attendance System to perfectly monitor staff working details such as today shift and location, total working hours, overtime and so on. Works with biometrics devices like fingerprint machines, face recognition devices or ID card time clock to keep track staff movements and attendances. Everything can be monitored using Schedulling and Deploymeny System and Time and Attendance System. Also can be integrated with Payroll Singapore and Malaysia for pay calculations.

The Scheduling and Deployment System is a great tool to plan staff scheduling and monitor staff attendance in real-time for a desired location / site.  This system comes along with a Monitoring Tool that provides users with a graphical view of a location’s manpower information (perfect attendance, shortfall, surplus or absent).

System Features

Allows Users to set staff scheduling on a daily or monthly basis on locations the User have access
Provides an Admin account that will generate default staff schedule for all locations
Ability to grant and deny access to a User for specific locations
Ability to add unlimited locations for which you would like to monitor manpower status
Provides a Monitoring page that shows all Locations that need to be tracked of manpower status
Filter options by Manpower status is also provided
Scheduling and Deployment System

System Benefits

Eliminate all paper works related to assigning employee shift or deploying to various locations
Provide employees the ability to monitor manpower assigned on different locations in real-time and with ease
Allows a Supervisor to make accurate manpower-related decisions based on the monitoring screen


  1. Scheduling
  2. Deployment
  3. Attendance monitoring
  4. Real-time monitoring
  5. Manpower status
  6. Perfect attendance
  7. Short fall

Assigning Employee Shift

Scheduling and Deployment System

Monitoring Screen

Scheduling and Deployment System


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