Singapore Payroll & HR Software

Singapore Payroll and HR Software

One of the Best Fully Integrated Human Resource Management System

Singapore Payroll and HR Software

Singapore Payroll and HR Software by Smart Touch is an advance payroll software which fulfilled the standards of payroll Singapore that include all payroll calculation such as allowance, tax and cpf calculations, claims and so on. This turns the traditional manual way of payroll calculation to a new, simple and less hesitate way of doing job. With the integration of Time Management System, which replace the old and traditional timesheet, this successfully make the whole payroll calculation less time-consuming and easier. Biometrics devices which work together with Time Management System accurately records all attendance of staffs which able to avoid all unnecessary arguments and cheating. 
Singapore Payroll and HR Software is an integrated payroll software that applicable to all types of industry including service, manufacturing, construction, shipping, F&B and many others. Our payroll software is one of the most complete payroll software solutions for all small, medium and large organization which facilitate the HR, payroll, staff maintenance, time management system, leave management system and benefits to effectively manage the crucial organization asset-employees.
SQL SmartPay acquire latest technology-MS SQL database to meet the needs of large and small companies in payroll processing. MS SQL is a proven and reliable database that ensure processing payroll in more secure way and able to spending up payroll process.


User define Popup Payroll Reminder: I. Payroll reminder alert for probation due date, work permit expire date and user define alert field. II. Assist Payroll officer to avoid overdue issue and penalty offence by local authority. – Probation due date, work permit, contract due date passport expire date and user define alert field.  

Smart Mobile Application: I. Preview Salary thru Smart Mobile Application II. Allows employees to check current (Mid or End Month), historical statement in detail. III. Access via smartphone without frequent enquiry with HR Manager.  

Multi User Network Access I. Centralized manage payroll part for multi Company. II. Handle by  more than 1 payroll officer in different plan.  

Latest Technology I. MS SQL Database avoid database corruption problem. II. Integrated Smartime Attendance Management System (TMS) as well as other module such as eLeave, eScheduling, e-OT Approval, etracking System under V1SOHO Architecture.  

Simple and Easy to Manage Function I. Friendly use command to add in, query and sorting data features. II. Prorate salary for new join and termination employee base on payroll period. III. Electronic file thru the major bank. IV. Build in report writer facilities user customize own report. V. Complaint to Statutory Requirement.

Our Professional Sevices

Service Support

  • We are able to troubleshoot specific technical errors and guide user to resolve common error via phone, online team viewer or on site service support.
Data Migration

  • Our experience programmer and support team will help to migrate your current in house systems via different migration technique to ensure  all your historical data for current year fully transfer to Mypay.
Implemetation and Configuration Services

  • Our consultants setting up necessary templates, integrated module to enable payroll service meet your requirement
User Trainings

  • Comprehensive trainings will be given with programs available for users at all levels.
Warranty and Maintenance

  • Smart Touch never leave you alone and promise to continuous serve our client with available program solution
Singapore Payroll & HR Software


Operating System (Minimum Requirement) – Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 32/64 Bit – Intel Duo Core or AMD ATHLON X2 or Higher, 2GB RAM – 16GB hard disk, LAN and Screen Resolution 1024 x 768 pixels or higher
Database MS SQL Server 2005 Express or Above
Employee Headcount Limit Minimum – 100, Maximum – Unlimited
Multi-user Access Network Unlimited
Input Order TMS / Excel Spread Sheet / Manual
Payment Mode Normal Pay (Mid/End Month), Bonus Pay, Advance Pay and Other Pay
Overtime (OT) Support Standard OT, Flat Rate OT and OT Ceiling
Pay Element Code Unlimited Allowance and Deduction
Multi Company Yes
Recurring Pay Element Yes
Remotely Access Yes
Smart Mobile Application Yes
Online Bank File Submission Yes (DBS/POSB/OCBC/UOB)
Backup and Recovery Yes
TMS Integration Yes
Reports Yes (More than 70 type of Report)
Report Writer Yes


Employee Listing Work Permit Report
Employee Details Service Day Report
Fix Allowance and Deduction Report Basic Rate Progression Report
New Join Report Career Progression Report
Probation Due Report Installment\Loan Report
Confirmation Report Installment\Loan Report in Details
Resign Report HeadCount by Date
Retire Report HeadCount by Gender
Birthday Report HeadCount by Basic Wage
Passport Report Bank Reports: Bank\Cash Listing
Payslip Deduction Report
Pay History Report Reimbursement Report
Pay History Report (U) Allowance & Deduction Report
Payroll Summary Report Allowance & Deduction Report 2
Payroll Summary Report in Details Allowance Report
Payroll Summary Report in Details (Group) Variance Report
Payroll Summary Report(U) Statistic Report
Overtime Summary Report Year To Date Payroll Summary Report
Overtime Summary Report in Details Year To Date Overtime Summary Report

Leave Reports: Leave Summary Report and Leave Detail Report

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