WM-5000PL is a poetable GPS guard tour system, which is an innovative product in guard tour field. Wth a GPS module in it, when collection information or starting to patrol, there is no need to install any btton or signal card on the information, including longitude, latitude, and patrol time. It can be used widely in many area, especially remote area, such as power transmission cable checking & management, telecom fiber cable checking & management and oil pipeline checking & management erc..


Alloy body, Super durability
Use GPS to collect location information, no need to install
any card in the route
Auto data collection and data storage
Sabotage absorbent, water resistant
Use USB communicatin cable
Super storage capacity, 2000 records storage
Use EEPROM memorizer which can keep patrolling
recording in the reader more than 10 years even if its
power off
Brilliant exterior desgin
Resistant to electrical shock
3.7V rechargeable lithium battery

Technical Information

Physical : Alloy Body
Locating deviation : ≤ 90 seconds
Communication : USB port cable
Dimensions : 120mm x 54mm x 27mm
Weight : 186g

Power transmission cable checking and management
Oil pipeline checking and management
Patrol police tracing and maangement
Transporting tucks tracing and management
Forest fire control and safe patrol
Frontier patrolling soldier tracknig and management
Telecom fiber cable checknig and management

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